Our Bi History

This originally appeared in BCN issue 111.

February is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History Month in the UK, with events all across the UK (it’s a leap year so we get that little bit more history this time!)  Last year there were two bi-specific events that we know of celebrating bi history, but this year we don’t know of anything especially pertinent to bis going on. Please do tell us about things we’ve missed!

Our friends at BiMedia.org have a little plea: they say… “we’d like to mark LGBT History Month by giving a little dash of visibility to a different bit of bi history each day of February – but we will need your help.

“Please nominate – whether a person or event – a little bit of bi history you think we should might include. It might just be a name or an event, it might be you could add a paragraph or two about what it was and why it mattered (or why they…) – we can mention your name or keep it anonymous.

“By the end of the month we may have quite a Bi timeline getting going, which can then be built on as a resource for bi visibility in LGBT History Month in years to come.  Drop us an email!