Bisexuals All At Sea

This originally appeared in BCN issue 111.

This summer’s BiCon has been announced for the 9th – 13th August, and for the first time in the event’s history it is going to Yorkshire.

If you’ve never been, BiCon is the biggest event in the UK bi calendar: a long weekend away with bi, bifriendly and bicurious folk from across the UK, with a smattering from further afield too.   You can book online at

– or write to BM BiCon, London WC1N 3XX for info by post.

During the day, there are discussion groups and other sessions, with social space and entertainment in the evening on all but the last day. There are usually between five and ten different sessions happening at once, each lasting around 75 minutes, so there’s plenty to choose from. Having got your pass (one-day or whole event), you’re free to attend as much or as little as you like.

Some discussions cover bi-related themes, e.g. coming out, our experiences of the lesbian and gay communities, and lots with a title like “Bisexuality and X”. Other topics have ranged from parenting to “Live Action Space Invaders”. Some sessions are more academic in nature or cover sexual health issues, and some are action more than talk: e.g. in past years, belly dancing, sign language and massage.

Each evening there’s a bar and social space, with performers, a band or a DJ, plus quieter space for chatting, reading, knitting, playing board games or simply chilling out. If you like to dress up, bring your party clothes!

Speaking of which…
The BiCon Ball
In recent years there has often been a themed Ball on the final night of BiCon and 2012 have just announced their theme as this issue of BCN goes to press.  They say:
“You are cordially invited aboard the HMS BiCon for a sea-faring adventure that’s naughty-cal, but nice!
“Help us celebrate the 30th UK BiCon with an oceanic party of DJs, kids’ party games and dancing way into the night.
“Shiver your timbers at Pirate Cove, practice slow-motion running on Baywatch Beach, risk your life in shark-infested waters, sing a sea shanty on the deck or have your cake and eat it at the Captain’s table.
“Fancy dress is always encouraged but never necessary. Here are some of the more generic ideas we’ve come up with:
Pirates            Sea creatures
Cruisewear            Naval uniform
Surfers            Life guards
Mer-people            Bathing belles
“… but don’t let us dictate, tickle your fancy and stretch your imagination!
“All together now! ‘We all live in a yellow submarine…’ (Surely ‘purple submarine’? – Ed)