BCN 112 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 112, April 2012

I had a busy day on 12th November 2011 and headed over to Birmingham BiFest for the afternoon. After making my way into the unsignposted venue and walking up stairs searching, I found a room with a good variety of buffet food, both _normal_ and a bit more party / posh, and slurpables. Plenty of food for your vegan types including cake and other things too. Since we were in the Brum gay village popping out for different snacks would have been reasonably easy too.

We were in a cafeteria bit of a club and I recognised some confidently dressed up folks from previous events. There seemed to be a good number of new faces, many of them students, and they seemed engaged in chatting quite happily. I saw other friends there catching up with friends and enjoying just being there as far as I could see.
The organisers appeared to be running things in a relaxed and chilled out style so I went and checked when they wanted me to organise the discussion session that I had offered. Speed friending / dating started up in the other room and was popular so I asked the woman facilitating it to announce my alternative and then collected people from around the cafeteria.

We had a small group cosy around one table and talked about all manner of bi things. Some newer and more nervous people sat in and I hope found it useful. I noticed that much of our conversation was about how the world is with us as bi, rather than our personal internal experiences. I’d like to talk more about what it feels like for each of us to be bi or bi-friendly sometime.

I felt it was valuable to have a bit of time devoted to talking about bisexuality even at an event for bisexuals. Being with friendly and accepting people with whom I have some common interests and experiences was lovely and I liked the laid back atmosphere. However, I think it can be easy to get into chatting about anything and everything and miss a bit the conversations that many of us don’t get to have everyday on love, lust and being ourselves unless we take the chances we have.
I had to zoom off fairly early to get to a party so I missed the evening in Birmingham – I hope it was fun!

Grant Denkinson