Bi Report – Bitesize

This originally appeared in BCN issue 113.

We’ve talked about it a lot this year, but The Bisexuality Report itself is a big chunky A4 document.

It’s quite wordy in a way that is very good for academics and policy makers but perhaps a little less friendly to the average reader wanting to know more about bi life or how to make their organisation more bi-friendly.

Step forward the new shiny leaflets from OU and BiUK! We’ve just taken delivery of a big bundle of these at BCN Towers and they are very pretty.

Perhaps more importantly they summarise a lot of the key issues and findings in The Bisexuality Report in a bitesized way – ideal for leaflet racks, Pride stalls (did someone mention Pride season?), outreach talks and more.

Drop us a line if you’d like to get hold of some.