BCN at Number 10

This originally appeared in BCN issue 114.

David Cameron’s annual garden party at Downing Street in July was the first Number 10 LGBT reception to invite guests from within bi activist circles for their bi work rather than any other roles.  As with the reception of the Bisexuality Report earlier in the year, this feels like a positive sign of people outside the bi ‘movement’ taking us and our issues more seriously these days.

This time the one ‘bi activist’ guest was BCN editrix Jen Yockney.  That may be only one of us but three years ago there was just one bi activist, Robyn Ochs, invited to the White House LGBT reception. This year President Obama welcomed a record eight prominent bi activists from across the USA – perhaps in future years we can look forward to representation being invited not just from BCN but from projects like BiPhoria, Bothways, BiUK and Bisexual Index.

The ed’s report from visiting Number 10 was that apparently the drinkies were lovely but the canapes didn’t tickle her fancy.  The PM gave a speech including the ‘b’ word a couple of times but talking about ‘gay marriage’.  Baby steps…