Birmingham Pride 2012

This originally appeared in BCN issue 114.

Birmingham Pride was held on the 2nd June, which was a wonderfully unseasonal drizzly day, however that did not dampen the spirits of the intrepid bisexuals who turned up at 10:30 on a Saturday morning to sign the magic Health and Safety form that would allow them to participate in the march.

Last year, the bi group weren’t featured in the official pictures from the parade, despite the groups before us and after us having their pictures featured in official Pride. Despite having a lot of purple and a truly amazing flag bearer!

So this year we had two secret(ish) weapons in the battle for visibility. The first was a banner, which really helped, we were photographed by the official Pride photographers standing behind it. Our second weapon was one of our party performing flag poi (with the flags in the bi colours) around the whole of the parade route (which was over an hour). Again, this got us another official photo.

Our aim for next year is to get into the videos. Several times we saw the camera people filming the groups in front of us, and then stopping the filming as we went past. After a while, our erstwhile flag bearer began to drape the flag over their cameras, just to make the point that all groups deserve to be visible, not just the pretty floats or the boys from Selfridges in their sorbet coloured trunks.

After the excitement of the parade, it was on to the Village Green section for the community stall. We had a lot of interest, partly because we had lollipops and badges (thank you BiCon), but the flyers and Getting Bi booklets were also popular, and I had the pleasure of making someone’s day by letting them know that there is a community magazine, and that the editrix adores article submissions.

All in all, it was a rather successful day. Bisexuals were featured in Midland Zone and the Birmingham Pride photos, and we had a lot of people come to the stall and were able to show that there is an active bi presence in Birmingham.

Check for info on bi meetups at Prides still to come including Manchester and Cardiff.