September 23rd: Bi Visibility Day 2012

This originally appeared in BCN issue 114.

Autumn is almost upon us and Bi Visibility Day, aka International Bisexuality Day, Bi Pride day and a host of other names. It’s like that way we can’t agree on whether the ‘con’ in BiCon means conference or convention.

The date’s been marked each year since 1999, and for the thirteen years so far every year there’s been at least one bi ‘do’ to mark the occasion.

If you’re part of a local bi group, or an LGBT group that this could be a great opportunity for getting them to engage with the ‘B’ part of their remit – now’s the time to start planning what you’re going to do.

Then drop us a line with the details – we’ll get them up on the website and hope to have photos from you afterwards too.  Don’t be shy – even if it’s not a fully worked out plan, tell us all about it!