Big Bi Fun

This originally appeared in BCN issue 114.

This year’s Big Bi Fun Day in Leicester was another smashing day out with lots of bi and bifriendly folk along for the afternoon, as well as a nice warmup to get us in the ‘bi space’ mood ahead of BiCon in Bradford.  

Many thanks to Sanji who organised it (and I’m sure there are other helpers I have forgotten!)  There are lots of bi groups around the country and events that are pitched first and foremost at newcomers to the bi scene, which is important and I’ll always see as the ‘first mission’ of bi community work; however, people who have been around a bit need a space to catch up with old friends too!

So thanks for making BBFD happen, and for anyone else – there is a really useful web page about the event at where you can read a lot about the event.  Maybe it can inspire and help with making something similar happen down your way?