Teaching Google: A Call To Arms!

This originally appeared in BCN issue 115.

The best known web search engine, Google, say they have lifted their bar on predictive search suggestions for bisexuality – but that there will not be suggestions until their systems have learned what people who go looking for bisexual things are looking for!

What does this mean?  Two things.  The first is that in future when people start typing “bisexual” into google, words will pop up suggesting what they may be looking for.  In the same way that when you type Alan Cumming the site suggests you might next want to type twitter or macbeth, it will suggest that having typed bisexual you might want to refine your search with a word like manchester or wombat.

Second, that we have a great moment of opportunity to teach Google about all the good things bis go looking for online: so in just about the laziest piece of armchair activism you could ever hope for, now’s the time to start googling for bisexual things!  Typing bisexual community into google and clicking on the link to a very fine magazine’s website, for example, will teach google that this is one of the things that people who are searching for bi support might benefit from knowing about.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Plonk yourself down at a computer keyboard, there’s a world to change!