No more Pink

This originally appeared in BCN issue 115.

The Pink Paper, for many years a free weekly print newspaper for the LGB&T communities, closed suddenly in September. The Pink had been slowly ebbing away: for more than ten years it was a weekly free newspaper; a brief relaunch as a glossy paid-for magazine flopped badly and it became a freesheet again.  That return to depending on ad revenue was soon followed by the downturn in advertising revenues caused by the rise of the internet.  It had been run as a web-only news site in recent years, in turn squeezed there by sharper competing news sites.

For many bis though it was an old friend: in the days before the web it was a lifeline of news and information. Launching in 1987, it quickly became a rallying point in the campaign to stop the introduction of Section 28.

Its bi coverage was not ideal – the personal ads section were notorious for the phrase “no bisexuals”, and even when some bi listings appeared in its pages, and we got a one-off front cover promoting BiCon 2003, the paper never rose to the task of challenging biphobia within or outside the gay community.

It is nonetheless the passing of an era. Goodbye Pink Paper, we loved you, and we loved being grumpy about you!