Scottish Bi Health

BCN 116 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 116, December 2012

A survey in Scotland throws up some interesting health stats for bi people there.  The Scottish Health Survey report combined data from four consecutive years (2008-2011) in order to allow more in-depth analysis of smaller populations.  Of those stating sexual orientation, 97% said they were heterosexual, 1.0% bisexual, 0.9% gay or lesbian, and 1.0% other.

Respondents who identified themselves as bisexual were:

  • less likely to report being in good or very good health than the national average (68% compared with 76% for both gay & straight people).
  • 10% more likely to drink alcohol at ‘harmful’ levels than straight people (gay & lesbian people reported similar drinking habits to bis)
  • starting smoking 18 months younger than straight smokers: bis started when turning 16

On the other hand, it seems our teeth are just as good as anyone elses!  Read more at