Bi Cymru/Wales does Mardi Gras and Bi Visibility Day

BCN 116 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 116, December 2012

Despite the torrential day-long downpours an amazing 12 people turned up for the Bi Cymru/Wales Bi Visibility day so-called picnic. This turned into a friendly chat over coffee, due to the weather, but fun was had.

In Swansea South Wales Police provided a van and free stall in the heart of the city centre on the Friday talking to shoppers about bisexuality and local and national groups and events. Again rain made this a short event, but fun with Ele also being filmed for an internal South Wales video around bisexuality and bi inclusion in the police force, probably the first time a UK police force has filmed a bi group’s views on how they can improve bi inclusion and visibility for all staff to see.

Cardiff Mardi Gras was also a huge success for the Welsh Bi groups, with no biphobia directed at the stall (although comments and representations on the stage still need improvement!), a lot of interest from bi people and allies, hundreds of stickers handed out, and links made with many organisations.

We’re now looking forward to BiFest Wales 2012, which we are hoping will be in early March!

For more information on meetings, events, and to be kept informed as we plan BiFest Wales 2013 email: [email protected]

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