Want to run a BiCon?

BCN 116 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 116, December 2012

Would you like to go to BiCon 2013 in Edinburgh? Details are here: www.bicon2013.org.uk

But what about BiCon 2014?
As yet, nobody has expressed an interest in running a BiCon in 2014, to the BiCon Decision-Making Plenary or to BiCon Continuity Ltd, who can take expressions of interest on BiCon’s behalf between now and BiCon 2013.  If you think you might want to run a BiCon – you might be a long-time BiCon attender or quite new to the community – please email info[email protected]

For more information on what’s involved, you might want to read the BiCon organisers’ guidelines (http://resources.bi.org/wiki/images/1/16/BiCon_organisers_guidelines_current_as_of_BiCon_2012.pdf – which are agreed by the BiCon-going community at BiCon DMPs), and A Manifesto For BiCon Organisers ( http://resources.bi.org/pdfs/biconmanifesto.pdf – written/contributed to by some organisers of previous BiCons).