Bi Media Watch: December 2012

BCN 116 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 116, December 2012

Welcome to Bi Media Watch! Picking up where BiWatch left off with semi-regular articles on bisexuality, bi characters and all things bisexual in the media.

This first one is a bit of a short one, mainly because most US series are on their mid season break, and UK TV is moving inexorably towards Christmas Telly. We are moving into the land of ‘comedy’ jumpers, tinsel on every available surface and endless repetitions of Noddy Holder yelling ‘It’s CHRISTMAS!!!!”

However even amid the seasonal glitter there are a few things about that might be of interest to the bi viewer. Firstly ‘Revenge’, a US show that is shown on E4 (currently available on 4OD). ‘Revenge’ recently caused a ripple of excitement when the character of Nolan Ross (played by Gabriel Mann) was shown to be bisexual (and referred to the Kinsey scale!). All the net chatter that I’ve seen on this has been hugely positive, from the actor’s own comments, to that on fan boards and Twitter.

There also appears to be a bi storyline happening in Coronation Street, the character of Marcus Dent who identifies as gay, appears to be attracted to Maria, following the break-up of his relationship with Sean Tully. Looking at interviews with Charlie Condou, the actor that plays Marcus, it appears that Corrie is going down the ‘Gay man finds himself attracted to a woman’ route. Apparently having Marcus identify as bisexual would have been taking the ‘easy way out’. Not sure how I feel about that, especially as there are so few bi characters on UK TV. I suppose it depends how the storyline is developed. It looks set to run into the first quarter of next year.

Lost Girl returns for Series 3 in January, with 13 episodes shown on SyFy. The DVD of the first series is also set for a Region 2 release in February. For those that haven’t heard of Lost Girl, it is a show about a bisexual succubus, Bo and her struggle to remain neutral within the world that is divided into Light and Dark Fae. She has a male Fae lover (Dyson) and a female human lover (Lauren). Unlike other shows, there are no demands for her to choose between them, and no condemnation of her bisexuality.

As a quick final thing, there was much excitement with the idea that a random exchange in Skyfall could imply that Bond was queer. Whilst being propositioned in a sinister manner by the villain of the piece, Bond says ‘What makes you think it’s my first time?’