Bis at Prides 2013

BCN 118 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 118, April 2013

Summer is on its way – we promise – and with it Pride season is here.  We’ve done our best to round up details of all the many LGBT Pride events around the country over the next few months here.

Giving your local event a splash of bi visibility is pretty easy.  Pick up a pink, purple and blue flag from eBay and a safety-pin between the flagpole eyelets turns it into an instant bisexual superhero cape.  If there’s a march – not all Prides have them – you can pull three or four bis and allies together and make or borrow a banner.  Check beforehand whether you have to pay to enter the parade, this isn’t usually the case for walking entries but Pride organisers do like to know who will be along and maybe you’ll get a shout out for the B in LGBT during the event if they know in advance that you’ll be there.

Some local groups (see listings at the back of the magazine) may already have plans, so if your local Pride event is nearish to one of the bi groups it’d be worth getting in touch with them to see if they’re already planning a presence you can join in with.  Fair warning though, you might rapidly find the organiser of the bi presence at Pride for the group becomes you!

There are a couple of bi dates in the calendar too – Big Bi Fun Day and BiCon.  We hope next issue there will be the first news of specific UK events for Bi Visibility Day on September 23rd. Do tell us your plans!

18 May Big Bi Fun Day, Leicester

25 / 26 May Birmingham

1 Jun York

8 Jun Blackpool to be confirmed

22/23 Jun Chelmsford

29 Jun UK Black Pride, London

29 Jun Doncaster

29 Jun Swansea

6 Jul Sheffield

13 Jul Bristol

18-21 Jul BiCon

20 Jul Newcastle

20/21 Jul Hull

26/27 Jul Bangor

27 Jul Oldham

27 Jul Norwich

27 Jul Nottinghamshire

28 Jul Salford

28 Jul Wolverhampton

3 Aug Brighton & Hove

4 Aug Leeds

24-26 Aug Manchester

31 Aug Grimsby

31 Aug Leicester

31 Aug Cardiff

1 Sep Sunderland – warning, their website plays a streaming radio station automatically when the page loads

23 Sep Bi Visibility Day
also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day: see

28 Sep Preston