Less Gleeful

BCN 118 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 118, April 2013

Towards the beginning of season 4 of Glee, Brittany was having a crisis of confidence because she had to repeat senior year without her best friend and girlfriend Santana.

Sam pointed out she didn’t have to be on her own.

A couple of episodes later, Sam finally asked her out.

Great, the show didn’t forget a character’s bisexuality despite her long-term relationship with someone of the same sex. But this queer lady favourite did turn Sam down with, “It’s all the lesbians of the nation. I don’t know they found out about Santana and I dating but once they did they started sending me tweets… and I worry if they find out about you and I dating they’ll turn on you and get really violent and hurt your beautiful face and mouth.”

Later in this episode, Brittany asks Sam out on a date, saying he makes her happy. He asks, “What about the lesbian blogger community?”

So the writer wrote something homophobic (lesbians will get violent if a queer woman dates a man) and biphobic (and it’s understandable that they’d do so), the producer gave it the green light and the broadcaster saw no problem with it.

How are we meant to teach our kids it’s wrong to pick on people for their sexuality or for other differences when we have a mainstream show telling them that lesbian bloggers can be expected to hurt the male partner of a bi woman?

All we can do is hope Glee’s creators can take on what this show is meant to be about: accepting yourself for whoever you are, celebrating it and supporting everybody else to do the same. To stop feeling anxious about what society tells you about who you should be and what you should do, and love yourself.

That’s the message this show wants to deliver.

I just wish it wasn’t part of the problem so bloody often.