Bis in the Media breaking out all over!

BCN 118 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 118, April 2013

All told it’s been a remarkable couple of months for bis in the media.  Music mogul Clive Davis came out as bisexual, making the kind of remarks BCN readers have made for years – but from the pulpit of being the kind of showbiz name who can be casually linked to Whitney Houston or Bruce Springsteen and therefore much more interesting to journalists.

Now 80, he explained he’d spent about fifty years in relationships with women, then happened to end up in long-term relationships with men later in life.  His clear use of the “b” word and exploration of how bisexuality is “maligned and misunderstood” and that “you don’t have to be only one thing or another” has probably helped stop that becoming a story of how he was straight-then-gay or the kind of ‘must have been gay all along’ line the papers have taken with people like former MP Ron Davies.

In the inky world of comics, Batgirl’s new roommate Alysia Yeoh is bi and trans.  Writer Gail Simone told Wired that mainstream comics “have a problem most media don’t have, which is that almost all the tentpoles we build our industry upon were created over a half century ago… at a time where the characters were almost without exception white, cis-gendered, straight, on and on. It’s fine – it’s great that people love those characters. But if we only build around them, then we look like an episode of ’The Andy Griffith’ Show for all eternity.