Bi Media Watch: Warehouse 13

BCN 118 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 118, April 2013

It’s an exciting time here at Bi Media Watch. The new tv scheduling is happening. By the time you read this, Doctor Who will have started it’s domination of Saturday nights, I am hoping for more of Madam Vastra and Jenny. And Strax. I do so like a helpful Sontaran.

The other shows are coming up over on Syfy. Lost Girl started series 3 on 23rd April, which we’ll come back to next issue. Warehouse 13 also returns with the second half of series 4 at the end of April in the US (likely to be the start of May in the UK). For those who have not yet watched/fallen under its spell, Warehouse 13 is a secret repository for various usually-historic artefacts that can cause harm if left in the real world. These include things like W C Field’s juggling balls (that cause drunkenness to those who use them), Pavlov’s Bell (calls any dog to you, but causes excessive drooling for 24 hours) and Lewis Carroll’s mirror (contains a psychopathic Alice that possesses anyone who looks in the mirror).

The story centres around the Warehouse agents, Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), two Secret Service agents that are now field agents for the warehouse. Artie Nielson (Saul Rubinek), the Special Agent in Charge who knows all about the warehouse and the many artefacts. Claudia Donovan (the fabulous Allison Scagliotti) is the ‘techno-wiz’ who can hack into any system and aims to improve the various warehouse systems and weapons. The weapons are very steampunk in nature, having been primarily devised by Nikola Tesla.

So why would Bi Media be interested in it? Well, Warehouse 13 has the characters of H G Wells, who turns out to be called Helena G Wells, and Steven Jinks. H G makes a comment in ‘Buried’ (episode 8, series 2) that many of her lovers have been men, the implication being that she is bisexual. H G also appears to have a romantic attraction to Myka, and this has been confirmed by Joanne Kelly, who stated at Comic Con ‘Myka will always love H G.’

Steve Jinks (or Jinksy) comes out as gay to Claudia in ‘Trials’, episode 2 of series 3. There is no song and dance made about this, Claudia muses that she’s never had a gay best friend before, and in the next episode ‘Love Sick’, when Steve tells Pete and Myka, Pete reacts in a completely untypical way (for a straight man in a tv show that is) by saying ‘Oh my God, you’re gay? Finally! Thank God, someone who will appreciate all this. It’s a waste of time working out for these people. Here, I’ll take my shirt off for ya.’ with Steve going ‘No, no really, no need.’

Steve’s sexuality isn’t the most important thing about him. He isn’t seen as ‘The Gay One’ in the team. The reason he was selected as part of the team is that he can detect when people are lying, he just happens to be gay in the same way that Myka and H G just happen to love each other. This is one of the reasons I love Warehouse 13. Other reasons are the writing (it was created by Jane Espenson, who wrote for Buffy, Caprica etc), the quality of the acting and the sheer sense of fun that runs through the series.

I strongly recommend it, it’s easy to pick up, plus Syfy regularly show repeats. Also you can get the dvds from most retailers, or download from places like Netflix.