Reasons to be Cheerful

The National Union of Students LGB Autumn conference in Leicester was the usual NUS bunfight; not quite as dramatic and fiery as the main Blackpool conference, but with plenty of belief that the governments of places like Israel will change their policies in response to what a few drunken queers in a University function room in England have to say.

But hey, that’s what NUS is there for, and along the way a bunch of people who want to do more constructive things get to attend useful workshops as an alternative to the conference floor, and to meet up and network. This conference’s bisexual caucus (private meeting for bi attendees) had about twenty-five people. After remarkably brief reports from the two bi officers of the NUS LGB campaign covering their work in the past six months, the meeting broke up but most of the people there adjourned to the next room to carry on talking.

Thanks to outreach by the BiCon 2004 team about half a dozen of the people there had been along to Manchester last summer, so there was strong ‘brand recognition’ for BCN and BiCon. The bi activism weekends were discussed, and generic bi flyers distributed for use in awareness weeks and promoting events – feedback since says they’ve gone down well.

A number of specific projects were also discussed. NUS LGB itself plans a “bi day” almost certainly in London for February or March. The likely clash with London BiFest was pointed out, but the date would be dictated by NUS centrally.
Other attendees had their own projects, so the possibility of having a regional bi awareness day event (similar to the one in Edinburgh on page 7 – Ed) in the South East but outside London was discussed, as well as creating a new non-student bi group in South Wales. Watch this space for more news of both!