Bi Dating Question

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This originally appeared in BCN issue 120

We’ve all at some point in our lives been single, and some singletons turn to dating sites, a great new way of dating in the 21st century. Unfortunately, as a single bisexual I’ve had trouble with dating sites since the vast majority don’t even acknowledge my sexuality! I have to choose whether I’m gay or straight….

Is it only me who is so frustrated at how lousy dating websites are for bi’s? And what about those outside the gender binary? Are we stuck with hiding who we are or seeking out the most niche sites, or can it be changed?  Surely there are enough bi’s that it would make commercial sense for these sites to include us? Bi’s want relationships too!

I want to hear about your experiences of dating online as a bisexual, what problems have you faced? Have you been more susceptible to stereotypes? Were you forced to pick gay or straight, and how did you deal with this?

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Claire Hope, Campaigns Officer for LGBTQ* at Lancaster University