London’s Latest Bi Thing

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This originally appeared in BCN issue 120

Last night, I went to Greedy – the new bi disco at Bethnal Green Working Men’s club, run by someone who’s been running the same night successfully in Bristol for some time.  It’s likely to be monthly, but with a gap next month because loads of Pride events are already scheduled then.

It was great! I only danced to one and a half songs, but that was because of my physical limitations: I’d happily have danced to loads more. The venue was unintimidating; the music was deliberately on the quiet end of the danceable spectrum so people could choose whether to chat or dance. The (very enthusiastic) DJ played a mixture of stuff from ABBA, through Pet Shop Boys and Scissor Sisters and some indie-sounding stuff I recognised, to pop and electronica that I didn’t recognise but that pulled the young people onto the dance floor.

Many people came – I don’t know what the venue cost, but it looked like a very successful event, many people there yet not too crowded. I knew a few people (maybe 10%?) and there were quite a few more that I recognised from BiFest, Pride or parties, but I reckon about half the people there I didn’t recognise at all, which is brilliant – maybe breaking some of the barriers between mostly-separated bi scenes?

Practicalities: there was a games room that was kept quiet (although I stayed in the main room so I don’t know what it was like). It was necessary to go through the loud(ish) space to get to the bar but not to get to the toilets.

It’s not wheelchair-accessible, unless there’s a back entrance I didn’t spot.

We stayed until a bit before midnight, when more people were still arriving. Next time I’d like to go with more energy and stay for longer (it’s open til 2am).

You should come too!