BiReCon packs a powerful lineup

BCN 101 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 101, July 2010

The programme for this year’s BiReCon has been unveiled and offers an unprecedented breadth and depth of engagement with theory, research and academic work around bisexuality.  Moving its focus to an international level, the event promises:

  •     Bringing together international research on bisexuality
  •     Showcasing UK research, activism & policy
  •     Building bridges between bi community & the wider world

Speakers include familiar ‘big names’ like US activist and author of Getting Bi Robyn Ochs and Sue George, who wrote Women and Bisexuality in 1993.
Keynote speakers and themes will be:

  • Steven Angelides – How to bring your kids up biRobyn Ochs – Why We need to “Get Bi”
  • Serena Anderlini D’Onofrio – Gaia & the New Politics of Love: Notes for a ‘Bi’ Planet
  • Eric Anderson – Heterosexual men, bisexual behaviour

The day concludes with a panel discussion: John Sylla (American Institute of Bisexuality) and keynote speakers – on the future of bisexual research and theory
Between the speakers are a host of short breakout presentations and workshops.  The presentations include:

  • Nichola Wood – “…apparently you can’t be bisexual”: Bisexual experiences of inequality, prejudice and discrimination in the workplace
  • Ruth Hunt – Bisexuals in the workplace: Applying the research
  • Surya Monro – Where are all the bisexuals? Bisexuality and local government equalities work in the UK
  • Camel Gupta & George Voss – Activism in queer and bi spaces
  • Helen Bowes-Catton – Visualising bisexual spaces
  • Lyndsey Moon – Bisexuality & therapy
  • Beth Roberts – Imag(in)ing bisexuality in the cinema
  • Kaye McLelland – Towards a bisexual Shakespeare
  • Anna Einarsdottir – young LGBs and same sex marriage
  • Jenny Kangasvuo – “It’s Like a Wave, This Thing Called Bisexuality.” Comparing the Experiences of Finnish Bisexuals in 1999 and 2009
  • Miguel Obradors – Deconstructing biphobia
  • Christian Klesse – ‘I did my way …’ – Creating Bisexual Intimacies in the Face of Heteronormativity and Biphobia

The workshops are:

  • Lindsay River – Issues for older bisexual people
  • Ele Hicks – Supporting and finding the bisexuals
  • Ruth Hunt and Louise Kelly – bis in the workplace
  • Hartmut Friedrichs – Political strategy: bisexual or queer? – a two-eyed approach
  • Rebecca Jones – ‘When I get older’: Imagining your bisexual future
  • Surya Monro – Bridging the Gap: The bisexual community influencing policy making
  • Richard Lohman & Carola Towle – Working for bi equality – how can we use the 2010 Equality Act?
  • Sue George – Bi blogging

In addition there will be a plenary during the main part of the International BiCon on 27th August to present international research for a non-academic audience, with Robyn Ochs, Serena Anderlini D’Onofrio, Ron Fox, Meg Barker, Christina Richards, Eric Anderson, and John Sylla.

BiReCon will precede the international BiCon, which takes place at UEL, London Docklands.

Registration prices for BiReCon is £100, with a discounted student/unwaged rate of £50. This price does not include BiCon registration; affiliated BiReCon attendees will need to book BiCon registration separately. Please see the BiCon website for details.