Derby Pride

BCN 101 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 101, July 2010

This July we were once again at Derby Pride with a stall and marching in the parade.  It was a lovely sunny and enjoyable day, yet, being a visible bisexual at a Pride is both frustrating and rewarding.

Frustrating because there are people, usually within the L and G part of the LGBT community, who still feel it is okay to tell you that bisexuals are greedy, or freaks.  When you hear the Pride entertainers talk about lesbians, gays, trans and straight people but never even mentioning the bisexuals.

Hugely rewarding when the bisexual stall is the first that someone sees as they come under the arch of rainbow balloons and they cry with happiness and relief at finding other bisexuals.  Cry because they are finally getting validation that their sexuality isn’t wrong.

Having visible bisexuals who are proud to use the label bisexual and be present at Prides is worth it for those people who come along and see that they aren’t the only ones and that being bisexual is okay.

Hope to see you at Nottingham Pride.