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This originally appeared in BCN issue 117, Feb 2013

The Last Outing: Exploring end of life experiences and care needs in the lives of older LGBT people

LGBT people have been identified as the group most likely to face discrimination when it comes to end of life care but a research study at the University of Nottingham wants to find out more about older LGBT people’s experiences and care needs. End of life care is generally understood to be about care delivered to people in the last year of life but also relates to later life experiences and thinking about mortality – issues that may become more relevant as people age. There is very little research that has been done in this area and this project will be the first of its kind in the UK.

This is an opportunity for older LGBT people (60 and over) to tell us what they think – the project will run for two years and the first step is to ask older LGB&T people to complete a survey including questions about both positive and negative experiences of accessing health and social care, of caring for a partner and sources of support. More information about the study and the research team can be found at: www.nottingham.ac.uk/nmpresearch/lastouting

We are particularly keen to recruit bisexual people to the study and to ensure that this community’s voices are heard as much as lesbian, gay and trans voices, because we know that there are differences as well as similarities in people’s experiences.  The make-up of the research team and advisory group reflect some of the diversity of the groups we are trying to reach, and the team are part of a research centre at Nottingham which has a good track record in ensuring that their research findings inform improvements in policy and practice.

Please email us at [email protected]  if you would like any more information.

The Last Outing Team