A New Bi History Project

BCN 117 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 117, Feb 2013

Letters page, February 2013:

Dear reader,

Last year, I pieced together 29 slices of bi history for a timeline on the BiMedia.org website, so that during LGBT History Month (February) there would be a dollop of bi history to share every day of the month. You got that little bit more ‘cos it was a leap year.

I’d like to take that a step further, and identify a bit of bi history for every single day of the year: yes, even Christmas and February 29th. There’s been more than forty years of bi activism, as well as a plethora of bi people being born and dying: I’m sure it can be done.

But with your help it can be even better. If you can place not just the year but the date on Something Bi worth remembering, please drop me an email. Arts, sport, science, culture, bi organising, whatever it might be. If you can cite a source, so much the better; especially if it looks a bit more authoritative than Wikipedia!

I hope by next year’s LGBT History Month, when you drop by bi sites like BiMedia there can be a little box with “on this day in bi history…” for every day of the year. And take a look at www.bimedia.org/history for how the timeline’s coming along, or follow the progress on twitter as @bisexualhistory