Lost Girl dials up a bi cliché

Lost Girl (on cable/satellite channel SyFy, Thursdays from 10pm) gives the pot of bisexual stereotype a good stir.  

Our heroine Bo discovers she’s a succubus, able to seduce pretty well anyone she chooses and then feed off their sexual energies.  If she gets carried away with feeding, her partner is liable to wind up dead.  Oh, and it works just as well whether her partner is male or female.  To add to the checklist, when given a choice of aligning with the ‘light’ or ‘dark’ non-humans, she refuses to sign up for either label and gets viewed as a peculiar, less trustworthy outsider, for not picking one of the big two teams.

Moving from partner to partner quickly, possessed of a terrible secret, and if you fall for her charms you might just end up dead: you know, if we were looking for reasons to hate this show, that’s one hell of a combination to give a bi character.

Fortunately, just as with Willow’s instant straight-to-gay conversion in Buffy, at BCN Towers we’re willing to give Bo the benefit of the doubt.  This ‘Lost Girl’ isn’t troubled at her bisexuality and largely neither are the people around her, and – so far – the interplay with her two main love interests has any “making your mind up” be their problem, not hers.  Plus – like Torchwood – for those of us who find it hard to spot queer subtexts, Bo’s bisexuality is nice and upfront.  By the fourth episode we see her pick up a mixed-sex couple in a bar: even I can tell a character’s meant to be bi when that happens!