BiCon returns to Leicester

This summer’s BiCon was the biggest UK BiCon yet.  After many years of attendance hovering around 200-250, it seems last year’s combined super-conference has helped kick some fresh momentum into the event, with 297 people taking part.  As with the 2000 and 2004 events, it tied in with the local LGBT Pride festival, giving us a bit more bi visibility on the Pride parade on the Saturday afternoon.

There were some problems: the biggies seemed to be the late issuing of bedroom keys to the conference organising team by the venue, and some kitchens being infested with bugs.  What you’ll notice about both those things is that they were problems with the venue, not with the event!

We got two people to tell us about how BiCon was for them – one a first timer, the other an old hand who has been to more BiCons than you’ve had hot dinners.  OK, than you’ve had hot dinners on February 29th.  Probably.

Most years there is a BiCon ‘group photo’ – often this makes a BCN cover or front page.  2011 deviated from this tradition, but this gave us a good excuse to give the front cover over to a photo of Kay Dekker taken at a BiCon a few years ago.  To the right is a photo from the first time BiCon came to Leicester, back in 2002.

There were also a new round of Cake Awards given out to recognise the work of some of the people who’ve helped make the bi community what it is.  There was also (as normal) a Decision Making Plenary which decided to hand over some of BiCon’s surplus funds to specific causes and projects in the bi community.

We’ll be reporting on both of those next issue!

Next BiCon will be in Bradford on 9-13  August 2012.