Be Bi at Pride ’09

Prides will be taking place all over the UK from Scotland to Cornwall in 2009.  Not all of them have ‘bi’ in the name (yet) – but they’ll all have bisexuals attending.  Some Prides will have a visible bi presence: there will be a walking group in the parade, a stall with information, or something equally brilliant and bi-flavoured at Birmingham (23rd/24th May), Pride Scotia in Edinburgh (27th June), Pride London (4th July), Leeds Pride (2nd August), Manchester (29th-31st August) and at events in the East Midlands (including Nottingham and Leicester).

If you have a Pride near you and you’re hoping to have a bi meet-up of any kind, from a stall to a publicised purple picnic-rug, let people know by adding it to the online listings (there’s a Facebook group, ‘Bi at Prides in the UK’, and a livejournal community,  Or email [email protected] and we can add the information and help put people in touch.

Also email if you’d like any help with ideas or resources.