Letters – April 2009

Positively Bi?

Dear BCN
Please could I draw readers attention to a research project called, “The Positives Survey for Bisexuals”
It is a study of the positive aspects of being a bisexual identified individual is seeking participants to answer a short survey. The study is being conducted by Ellen D.B. Riggle, PhD, and Sharon S. Rostosky, PhD, at the University of Kentucky. If you self-identify as a bisexual person, and are 18 or older, please go to
for more information about the study and to participate.

The purpose of this study is to document the positive aspects and strengths that bisexuals perceive as associated with their self-identification.  The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  More information can be found at www.PrismResearch.org

Please also note that as it was originally designed for a target audience of just bis in the USA, when it asks for what State you are from please enter which country instead!
No, really, it’s 2009 and someone sent us this:

Dear BCN

bi is a stop on the way to gay, correct?
bi is a LIE?

The following clearly illustrates the contradiction of self-proclaimed “bisexuals” being homophobic and reveals their true duplicitous agenda.  Bisexuality is a vicious, evil lie perpetuated by the malicious closet case gay homosexuals that live in fear of fully disclosing their sexual orientation, due to the pervasive antipathy, bigotry and hate inflicted upon out and proud homosexuals.  In a rather crude and explicit, yet simple and truthful statement, here is the “bisexual’s” warped mentality: “Oh, please Mr. gay basher!  Please don’t hate on me to the full extent that You do with the self-admitted gays!  I like girls/guys too!  See?  Watch me FORCE myself go at it!” This type of sexual ambiguity perpetuates the vile ignorance that sexuality is a choice, when in actuality it isn’t whatsoever. SEXUALITY IS INNATE; an inborn quality; it is also black and white.. gay or straight. Whatsmore, as these homosexuals carry out their selfish “bisexual” agenda, they not only supply dangerous ammunition for the cruel and IGNORANT bigots (i.e.- a justification that “sexuality is a choice”), but they hinder the underlying GAY movement as a result!  Bisexuals are maintaining hetero-privilege and collaborating with the homophobes while simultaneously enjoying the gay lifestyle.  Female bisexuals are attention seeking heterosexuals, while male ones are just self-denying homosexuals too afraid to fully acknowledge their true orientation.  Bisexuals are actually closeted gay people who wish to  (cont. p97) (By the way, are “gay homosexuals” different from other kinds of homosexuals? – Ed.)