From the Editor…

I got one of those lovely notes every activist hopes for the other week.  “How can we help BCN?”  The prospective volunteer wasn’t based in Manchester, where BCN is printed, which made an off-the-cuff answer harder – since I couldn’t ask them to help on the physical side of stuffing and posting or going on the run to the print shop to pick up the bcxes of fresh magazines.

So it took me a little thinking to come up with good answers, and I don’t pretend I have all of them yet!

BCN could use your help wherever you are with: review writing, online promoting (artsy people who might have ideas for designing banner adverts very welcome!), cartooning, sending in photos you have taken at bi-relevant events, theorising, analysis, media snippets, and daydreams of what the bi scene might be.  All welcome from short soundbites to 3,000 word explorations of a theme: see the contact info in the box to the right.

And if you’re thinking of something I didn’t just mention, get in touch anyway: I’m sure there’s many more ways to help BCN grow besides what I can think of over coffee.