Getting Bi Again

Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World
Edited by Robyn Ochs and Sarah E Rowley.
Second edition, now available from
ISBN 978-0965388153

“Wherever you may be, you are not alone.” (From the Introduction to Getting Bi)
I had never seen the Atlantic Ocean until just three years ago.  I remember thinking how vast it was; different to any other body of water I’d ever seen.  I started imagining how ancient people may have stood where I had, wondering if anything lay beyond the big blue.  This is a somewhat similar feeling to when I read most non-fiction on sexuality, bisexuality included, where so many of the books come with such a strong U.S focus, that it is hard to imagine life beyond the big cities of America.  This is not the case with Getting Bi.  The second edition of this groundbreaking book really does go around the globe to recount bisexual experiences of the contributors, with over four-hundred submissions covering forty-two countries.  There are chapters which focus on relationships, coming out, and the language of desire, as well as other themes.  There is also a comprehensive article and resource section, including bisexual etiquette, biphobia, and even a feature on how to spell the word ‘bisexual’ which made me smile (I’m sure the bisexual index will like it too).

The variety of locations in the book is matched by the variety of experiences: Kiran, from Pakistan shares her story of growing up in a strict religious household, which she later came out to when older.  Solver, from Iceland gives a heartening account of how the bisexual flag came to be flown outside the government offices in Reykjavik.  Huang, from China tells of magical times spent with lovers, male and female.  The language used is poetic and heart-stoppingly beautiful.  Like the entire collection, Huang’s words are a celebration of love, attraction, sexuality and desire.

I recommend Getting Bi to everyone who wants to know that there are others out there living positive lives, who are proud to be who they are.  If you have ever wondered what lies out in the big wide world, then get a taste of it in this book.  Bisexuals are everywhere.
Jacqueline Applebee

Editor’s note: at the time of writing the book is not available on Amazon.  The  price is US $28.95 for delivery to UK/EU.