Derby Goes Pink

With London being the capital of England, you might be forgiven for thinking that all things LGBT happen there. You would, however, be very wrong.  On the same day as London Pride, Derby went Pink for the second year running.  Derby Goes Pink is a celebration, community gathering and awareness raising event (as well as a big party!) of the LGBT community.

This year, as with last year, a small but perfectly formed team of bisexuals and allies supported the rights of bisexuals to be treated as equals. We marched in the parade with our banner through the streets of Derby.  We gave out information and had a stall in the community market. Some of us even went pink in the constant sunshine (how’s that for solidarity with the theme!).

It was a very friendly event which was well organised. The stewards did their jobs well, and there were people of all ages enjoying the music and sunshine, and taking advantage of the opportunity to find out more information about LGBT issues. People visiting the stall were pleased to find information about bisexual events and to be able to chat about bisexual issues.

If there was one thing which slightly marred the day, it was the lack of recognition from the stage of the bisexuals in the audience. “Hello straight people. Hello gay girls. Hello gay boys.” Are we still invisible? It seems so.

This is why having bisexuality represented within the LGBT community (note there is a B in there) and at Pride events is so important. We are there fighting for equality, we are there dealing with sexuality issues, we are there supporting the LGBT community. Perhaps it’s time for the Queer community to recognise and remember us.