Community Day at BiCon

Last year the first day of BiCon engaged with academia: this year we turn to the wider LGBT community.

The first day of BiCon 2009 is Community Day.  This is when groups and organisations will be at tables ready and available for questions and conversations. They will have information about their organisations and will want to talk to you to find out how they can support you.
This will be a chance for you to talk to these organisations and let them know what issues are important to you.

A rare opportunity to shape how we, the Bisexual Community, work with other organisations by talking directly to them.

In fact, this year, a number of the organisations have kindly sponsored Community Day and as a result of this, delegates at Community Day will get a free lunch courtesy of Stonewall.    Yes, a free lunch on the Thursday!    Delegates will receive a voucher which they can then redeem in the University Coffee shop and/or cafeteria.As you will see when you come to BiCon, other organisations also have sponsored different elements of Community Day because they believe it is essential to know what you have to say.

The organisations that will be represented there are:

  •     Bi Community News
  •    Bi Cymru/Wales
  •     Birmingham LGBT Community Trust
  •     Bisexual Butterfly
  •     Changing Attitudes
  •     HM Prison Service
  •     LGBT Consortium
  •     Rainbow Moot
  •     SGI-UK
  •     Stonewall and Stonewall Cymru
  •     Terrence Higgins Trust
  •     The Bisexual Index
  •     Unionlearn/TUC
  •     UNISON LGBT group
  •     West Mercia Police
  •     Worcestershire LINK

There will also be a general stall with information on different topics donated by groups and charities who unfortunately couldn’t make it along this year.

As well as talking to organisations, it’s a chance for you to join in discussions with other people from the bisexual community.  There are six focus areas for the discussion groups:

– Health Issues for bisexuals: An opportunity to discuss health issues for bisexuals focussing on mental health, sexual health and well-being.  – Community partnerships: working with other organisations for mutual benefit and support. Who, how and why? – Faith and belief: How do faiths and beliefs fit with bisexuality? How tolerant is the bisexual community? – Profile raising: How can we help people find out about BiCon, the bisexual community and BiFests? What do we need in order to do this? – Ethnic diversity: What do we mean by ethnic diversity? How can we engage with bisexuals from different ethnic backgrounds? – Funding: What do we want? When do we want it? How do we get it?

As we know that many people will be travelling from across the UK, Community Day will be having a late start at 11am.  There will then be time for lunch, information gathering and catching up with friends in the bar or cafeteria before discussion groups formally start at 2pm.    Community Day will end at 5.30pm allowing you plenty of time to find food and rest before the evening’s entertainments.  A more detailed timetable is available on the website,

Please try and come along to have your say and prove to other organisations that bisexuals do have a voice and do need to be heard.

If you have any questions regarding Community Day, please contact Sanji, [email protected]