BCN Subs Rejigged

From this issue BCN’s subscription prices are being changed entirely.

Two factors are at play: the first is the number of people who’ve been confused by our old subscription system.  BCN subs were for twelve issues, which was simple enough in the early days of the magazine when it was monthly but as we’ve been bi-monthly since 2000 meant subs ran for two years.  This got confusing: some people would send us a renewal each April or what have you, or have to try and remember at BiCon whether they had last handed over money at the BiCon last year or the year before.  Now, subs will last a year: much simpler.

Second, we were frankly losing money on most of our subscriptions, and keeping prices down through a past surplus and fundraising projects.  Print costs per copy have gone up (partly we don’t sell as many BCNs as we did in the mid 90s and have lost some print economies of scale, partly simple inflation – the switch to the glossy, chunkier BCN has come from changing print shops and made only a little difference to the per-copy print cost).  Postage has worked its way up too.  Going over our income and expenditure showed that ordinary subscriptions were running at a loss of several pounds: things had to change!