Talking to the Cool Bisexuals

Nye tried it at BiCon and recommends it to other BCN readers too.

For me, cool bisexuals are one or more of the following: goths, hot people, activists, people geekier than me. I’m sure it’s different for you. Until BiCon 2008    I was in awe of a couple of groups of people and a handful of individuals, and would just clam up around them and not dream of joining them if they were chatting. This year I decided to
change that.

I had a strategy for socialising. I spotted when a cool person was away from the herd, and I pounced on them! At the same time I reminded myself that I have value, and that often people who seem cool are just as scared and insecure as me. I even managed to join groups of cool people.

It was scary, but sometimes it’s better to do scary things than to sit around stewing about doing scary things. I made some new friends. I started talking to people when they were looking a bit lost; being friendly to shy looking people is often a good thing.
Not everyone is always going to be open, accepting and friendly, but if a lot of people are then it can make one feel very welcome.

Take risks!

Nye Rothwell