Letter: East Mids Bis Back In Motion

BCN 87 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 87, September 2007

Nottingham used to have three bisexual groups meeting regularly; for Women, Men and a mixed one. For some time, however, bis in the East Midlands have either known each other personally, travelled to bi events in other parts of the country, or kept in touch on-line.

The East Midlands¬† Bisexual Network email group has 164 members of various genders and there is also one for Bi Women based around Nottingham (see listings). We’d organised a few small meals on the mixed list but hadn’t had anything for a while so just before BiCon I thought I’d see if anyone was up for going to the pub.¬† It turned out the Womens’ group also had plans so we combined them and met in a gay-friendly smoke free pub in the centre of Nottingham on 19th September. Over ten of us had a friendly evening chatting and a few of us did pretty well in the pub quiz. I particularly like that the meetup brought together people who hadn’t previously met. I suspect we will organise more of such things in the future.

Grant Denkinson