BiCon: Where The Money Goes…

BiCon 2004 made a profit of four thousand pounds, despite our best efforts not to writes Jen.

The previous Manchester BiCon in 2000 had made so much profit for the year-to-year surplus fund that we were offering a BiCon at the 2000 prices four years on and expecting to run at a small loss, but higher than anticipated attendance broke us into profit nonetheless.

Venue hire came in lower than we expected because the venue mucked us about over choice of workshop and plenary rooms at the last minute; we spent the day before BiCon started re-artworking lots of the programme as it all got shuffled round.

Teeshirt and rock money wound up mangled in with the bookings money. We’ve made a reasonable guess as to the split.

Some of the costs of running BiCon are hidden by the accounts – our notional turnover was probably £2,000 higher allowing for helping hand fund payments and free or discounted day passes to the conference in exchange for resources we needed like sound system equipment.

BiCon’s stash of resources to be passed from year to year grew bigger, with two new flipchart stands (they cost as much to buy as to hire for a weekend) and assorted audio equipment like microphones and kit to do audio processing wizardry during gigs. The 2005 team also inherit a new laminator and a set of six walkie-talkies (the ‘hardware’).

The rock didn’t sell in the quantities it needed to in order to pay for itself but still gave many people a fun momento of the weekend. There were a several boxes left at the end of the conference; these would have gone bad by next BiCon so are being given away at queer conferences and festivals around the country. “Rocksucker” entered the lexicon of the national NUS LGB conference last autumn, though will probably not stick as a perjorative term for bisexual.


Art Income 324.00
Bookings 22,162.10
Teeshirts & Rock 500.00
HelpingHand 100.51
Past surplus 8,945.48



Bedrooms 12,810.00
Venue Hire 800.00
Insurance 210.00
Performers 600.00
Programme 203.73
Sound Equipment 595.14
Support staff 565.00

Rock 304.33
Teeshirts 475.46
Postcards 489.98

BM BiCon 131.60
Line Bi Line 57.90
Postage 286.57
Printing 51.74
Stationery 266.96
Hardware 96.36
Travel 149.80
Expenses 153.35

Refunds 708.00

To BiCon 2005 6,500.00
To BiCon 2006 5,576.17
To BiFest 1,000.00



Previous Surplus 8,945.48
Added to Surplus 4,130.69

New Surplus 13,076.17

Bi Community News, BM Ribbit, London WC1N 3XX