BiCon Treforest: BiCon Virgins Sated and Satisfied

BCN 87 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 87, September 2007

My partner and I went, on the spur of the moment, to London Pride in June, and met some of the BiCon organisers. This personal contact encouraged us to book our first BiCon – but being unsure of what to expect, we only booked for one day, the Friday.

It was fantastic!  Having both been out as ‘gay’ (sic) for over 15 years, we found as two women in a bi-poly-genderqueer relationship that BiCon was a breath of fresh air. First of all the warm welcome as BiCon virgins. We found all the boundaries and guidelines in the handbook very helpful. Also we enjoyed meeting so many bisexuals, bi-friendly people, lesbians and gay men, transgendered people, heteros, faeries, goths and geeks. The inclusiveness of this event really was amazing. Having felt for years and years that I wasn’t quite up to scratch as a lesbian – not lesbian enough, not political enough, too religious, too rural, too ‘me’ – I felt myself relax at being somewhere so inclusive.

Highlights for us both were the painless sensation play workshop, playing werewolf, Rhona’s workshop on fitting/misfitting, and talking with all the different people. It was great to meet the lovely Dutch contingent, especially as one of them, in slave mode, dashed up to his room before the plenary to get me one of their sexy black t-shirts.

Last Sunday, we met a bi friend and told her about BiCon, and to my joy she asked enthusiastically, “Can I come with you next year?”

I absolutely love receiving BCN and so really wanted to write something to say thank you to you all.  Having felt for a long time that being bi-poly, and living (monogamously) with my partner in a Gloucestershire village were incompatible, I feel after attending BiCon, saner, happier, freer and more in touch with who I truly am.

Laila H
LJ: laila_h