The bi dragon awakes: Bi Wales launches

BCN 88 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 88, Dec 2007.

New All-Wales Bi Network officially launched

Bi Wales formally launched on Saturday 3rd November with a meet-up in Cardiff. The event was a great success with 10 people attending and started a consultation on bisexual equality in the workplace.

It started as a response to many LGB organisations in Wales not understanding bisexual issues and not making any moves towards bi inclusion. This discussion led to a workshop at BiCon 2007, which set up the basis of an all-Wales bi network, which became Bi Wales.

The group has three aims: to provide an all-Wales network to bring together bi people from across Wales, tackling social issolation and providing peer support; to challenge biphobia and promote bisexual inclusion, provide a consultation network between stakeholders and decision-makers in Wales and bisexual people; and to promote, foster and support local Bi groups across Wales.

If you are Bi or think you might be and live in Wales please join the yahoo mailing list:

For more information on Bi Wales please email [email protected] or text 07982 308812.