Lammy Hitch

BCN 88 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 88, Dec 2007.

The new Lammy Guidelines are out and there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that the categories formerly labelled Lesbian or Gay in these USA annual queer book awards are now Women’s and Men’s and they are specifically described as including bisexual books and authors.

WOMEN’S: Books eligible for this category are those that depict the lesbian, female bisexual, or transgender male-to-female experience. The gender and orientation of the author are not considered in determining the book’s eligibility.

The bad news is that the Bisexual Category is now only non-Fiction and will only go forward if there are 10 nominations and will be cancelled if there are not.

If this doesn’t change it’s bad news.  Last year the bi category was introduced and we only made the required 10 books by combining all bi books – fiction and non-fiction – in one category.  This change means the bisexual category would be effectively eliminated and we’ll back to competing against gay and lesbian books, hugely reducing the chance of bi publications making the headlines when the awards are announced.

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