Bi Resources reach thousands

BCN 88 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 88, Dec 2007.

A little over a year ago we started hosting some bi resources on the Bi Community News website writes Jen.  It was only this week that I thought to look at the website statistics on how popular they are!

To my absolute delight they showed nearly 4,000 downloads in twelve months of the pdf file of “Both Directions“, the guide to the UK bi scene that the Bi Activist Network produced.

I know local groups like BiPhoria and Bothways have been producing printed copies for some time and a few LGBT organisations like the Home Office’s LGBT staff network have also produced hundreds of copies to give out at conferences – but with 4,000 downloads the web version probably outstrips all the eager photocopying that we’ve done of the guide since it was written.  Countless people we’ve never met as a community have been able to use it as a supportive resource.  Brilliant.

Not quite as popular, the “tackling bisexual invisibility” postcard artwork for pressing Stonewall to be less homocentric in their work has had more than 300 downloads – we’ve no way to know how many copies made their way to Stonewall’s mailbox but clearly it’s at the least hugely raised awareness of the concerns many people in the bi movement have about that organisation’s commitment to wider queer liberation.

The latest resource is the A-Z of running a bi group.  A bit more niche but I hope a good starting point for people wanting to get a local bi meet up and running. What more should we have on the resources section?  Let us know – better yet help us to produce it.  And point your web browsers at