Bisexuals in Space!

What’s it like to be bi in everyday life?  What’s it like to be bi at BiCon?

I’m Helen Bowes-Catton and I’m conducting research into bi people’s experiences of bisexuality as an identity. I’m interestedin what it’s like to be bi in everyday life, and also in the ways that people experience their identities in bi spaces like BiCon and BiFest. I’m using the idea of embodiment (the way people experience the world through their bodies) as a way of trying to find out more about this- some of you might have attended workshops I’ve run on this theme at bi events in the past, such as the lego/plasticine modelling workshop at BiCon last year, or the plasticine/collage workshop at London BiFest this May.

I’m looking for a group of participants to take part in a photo-diary study, in which I’ll ask people to take photographs of their experiences of BiCon 2008, and of a week in everyday life, and to take part in an interview.

I’ll be asking participants to take photos around the theme ‘My body’. These could take whatever form you like- they wouldn’t necessarily have to be photographs of you, though they could well be. You might like to take photos around topics like ‘how I look at BiCon/at home’ ‘what it feels like to be in my body at BiCon/at home’, ‘in my body looking out’, and so on.

You could use a mobile phone, digital camera, or ordinary camera to take your photographs, then email them to me, or I can provide you with a disposable camera and pay for the photos to be developed. Once your photo diaries are complete, I’ll contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time and place to have an interview to discuss the photos you’ve taken.

For people who want to, there will also be an opportunity to take part in a group workshop later in the year, using the photos as a basis from which to create collage or models.

A bit about me.  I’m 32 and I identify as a bisexual/queer woman. I’ve been a regular at UK bi community events since 2004. I’m a member of the Bi Research Group, and I’ve conducted research into bisexuality and polyamory at previous bi events. I’m a PhD student in the Psychology Department at London South Bank University, and this research project is part of the fieldwork that will eventually become my thesis.  If you’re interested in taking part in this research, and/or would like more information, please contact me at [email protected] or write to me at the BCN address.