Bi Pride Explosion

London and Birmingham’ve already happened with thriving bi stalls there, but we still have Pride events to look forward to in London, Brighton, Nottingham, Glasgow and – and that’s just the ones we know there will be an organised bi presence at this year already.

Often there are both parades and stall / market areas to find the other bis.  Do drop by and say hello (and register for BiCon!)

Nottingham (26th July) will have a stall, Brighton (2nd August) will probably have
both marchers and stall.

Just a few days before BiCon, the bi presence at Pride in Manchester will definitely have both stalls and marchers, and they are going with a “Some people are bi.  Get over it!” theme playing on the recent Stonewall campaign imagery.

Pride Scotia has rebranded as Pride Glasgow this year, and being on 30th August 2008 clashes with BiCon – but a Bi Scotland posse will still be flying the pink,
purple and blue flag.  On the same day Cambridge bis may also be running a stall at their event.

All the weblinks you need: (Cambridge)