BiCon Unveils Community Day

What is it?
This year we will be starting Bicon with a Community Day.  The aim of Community Day is to facilitate networking, discussion, support and diversity between different community groups and organisations and the bisexual community.  It’s a chance for you to have your say and to ask questions.  Community Day is aimed at both individual attending BiCon, and  organisations with an interest in supporting or finding out more about BiCon 2009 and bisexuality.

Why do we need a community day?
We are a diverse group at Bicon with attendees of wide-ranging sexualities, genders, shapes, sizes, beliefs, races, tastes in music, socio-economic backgrounds, nationalities and ages.  We come to Bicon for a variety of reasons to do with bisexuality –  because we are bisexual, we have bisexual partners, family or friends, we have an intellectual or activist interest in bisexuality or because we enjoy the relaxed, accepting atmosphere of a safe bisexual space.

However, a community does not exist in isolation.  We all are part of other groups too outside of Bicon and within Bicon.   What we hope is that a Community Day will give you the opportunity to link some of those separate communities together.
To talk to people from other communities.
To draw attention to the richness of the bisexual community.
To discover other groups that complement the work that we in the bisexual community do.  To find ways of supporting one another and working together.
To give you an opportunity to have your voice heard.

What organisations will be there?
We are contacting organisations who do work or support people in the following areas: funding, sexual health, bisexual activism, race, religion & disability.
If you know of groups that you think would be interested in networking, supporting and finding out more about the bisexual community, then please let them know about Community Day.   Invite them along by asking them to email: [email protected] and directing them to our website

What’s planned for Community day?
Community Day will be held in the main hall of the Student Union building,  which  is wheelchair accessible. Stalls will be open from 11.30 am to 5.30 pm, with BiCon reception in the main building open from 10am to allow you to book in and grab a coffee first.

1)  Community Fair:
The Community Fair will be an area where groups and organisations will be at stalls/tables ready and available for questions and conversations.  They will have information about their organisations and be wanting to talk to you to find out how they can support you.

The number of stalls available is limited, so if you are interested in having one, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

2)  Themed networking and discussion sessions:
Alongside the Fair there will be hourly discussion and networking sessions.  These are to enable different people and groups to sit together to talk, plan and network on topics of mutual interest.

The sessions will be on the following themes:  Funding, Health,  Diversity, with others to be confirmed depending on demand.

What is it not?
Community Day is not a marketplace.  We will therefore not be inviting traders to come along.  If organisations wish to have a stall and might sell items, they will need to get permission from the Bicon team to do so by contacting [email protected]

Further info

Just go to our website and follow the link to “Community Day”

This article originally appeared in BCN magazine issue 96, June 2009.

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