Pink Retreat

Just short of its 1,000th edition, LGBT newspaper the Pink Paper is to cease publishing in print and go online-only, it was announced in June. 

One of the best known publications for the lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities, the Pink Paper began publication in 1987 as a weekly free newspaper, and after a brief phase as a paid-for glossy magazine reverted to being a free paper published bi-weekly.  The Pink Paper was a lifeline for many in the pre-internet days but drew criticism from the bi community for its reporting style and carrying personal ads stipulating “no bisexuals”.

In a statement on their website, they say it’s a simple matter of their main advertising revenue being from sectors hit hard by the recession: “This time last year (the Pink Paper) was a very successful business but since then organisations have slashed their spend on print advertising, meaning the paper has been unable to cover its costs.”

The Pink is not alone.  Regional title OutNorthWest has slashed its page count and moved from monthly to bi-monthly in a move spun as “strategic and economic” by publishers Lesbian & Gay Foundation.  Editor Grahame Robertson told media industry site HowDo that, “some advertisers were finding it difficult to pay their bills.”

This article originally appeared in BCN magazine issue 96, June 2009.

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