Out, in Print?

Increasingly as a community we seem to be seeking to engage both with mainstream media and the LGBT press about our work and issues, and indeed with growing success.  But if you’re getting started with a bi group or event in your area, you could probably use some help and advice rather than repeating the mistakes other queer groups have made.  And conveniently here is a new booklet offering you help.

It’s a while since I last saw a publication designed to be read from either end – one half printed one way up, the other half printed the other.  Indeed it tends to be a zinester trick – I can’t remember seeing it done for anything this glossy.

If you read Being Out There one way up and it’s a guide for lesbian, gay, bi and trans organisations on how to engage with the mainstream and queer media.  Flip it over and it’s a guide for the mainstream and queer media on how to engage with lesbian, gay, bi and trans organisations, the LGBT communities and individuals.

So, opening it from the end intended for the queer activist…

It’s a little designery, which makes it visually very welcoming but not as in-depth as it might be: it has top tips on what should or should not be in a press release but no template or example.  Being produced in the South West the LGBT press contact listings include Fyne Times but not Midlands Zone or Shout.  Of course, if the people behind it are reading, a second edition should include BCN or BiMedia as additional places to target.

If you are just starting to think about doing publicity work for a bi project Being Out There would be a good starting point for thinking about how to go about engaging with the press to best effect.  If you’re already practiced at doing those things, perhaps in another setting, it is an excellent run-through of the ways you could be working with the media to raise your group’s profile.  But for anyone in between seeking out local voluntary sector training provision would probably be the single best thing you can do.

Available from www.intercomtrust.org.uk / 01392 201015