To Be Taken Seriously

BCN 86 cover

This originally appeared in BCN issue 86, Summer 2007

Brighton seems to be the place to be for bis these days.  As well as a vibrant bi scene with a strong local bi group, big BiFest events every February and loud Pride presences each summer, the bis are actually taken seriously as part of the LGBT scene.  In many other cities this is something of which we can but dream.

Latest sign of how seriously we are taken there: after two years of planning, consultation and research, the Count Me In Too Project is now publishing its preliminary findings. As well as providing detailed, up-to-date statistics, the project was designed to explore the perspectives of LGBT people from marginalised groups as well as specific issues and identities within the LGBT communities. Count Me In Too gathered information from a total of 848 local LGBT people using focus groups and a large scale routed questionnaire.

Yup, unlike most research reports into LGBT matters this one admits we exist – and what’s more they separate out the bi respondants and look at what they have to say.

The findings are only of a certain value due to the low number of bi participants, but it sets a very useful precedent.

You can download the reports as pdf files from