Bi News roundup

Issue 81

This originally appeared in BCN issue 81, Sept 2006

BiDay BiFest
BiFest returns to Manchester to mark International Celebrate Bisexuality Day on 23rd September.  The one-day bi event will be shorter than recent BiFests since there is no official evening session.  Organiser Jen told BCN, “we found at last year’s BiFest Manchester, and from looking at the others in Brighton and London, that the daytime discussion section seems to be much more in-demand than the evening.  As such, and since a suitable venue was proving tricky, it made more sense to concentrate on the part of the event people seemed to get the most out of.”

This BiFest will be at the Lesbian & Gay Foundation, 105-107 Princess Street, Manchester – at the junction with Bloom Street and on the edge of the gay village- and will run from noon til the early evening.  To find out more see or call 07981 577755.

Polyday goes to London
Of potential interest to many BCN readers, Polyday describes itself as “a one-day event for everyone who knows that happy and honest relationships don’t have to be monogamous”.  Remarkably similar to the usual format of BiFest, “Polyday will combine a day of discussions and an evening of dancing to give you a chance to meet other polyamorous people, to build the poly community and to experience its diversity.”

The second such event, London Polyday will be on Saturday 14 October 2006, from 10:30am, with a disco in the evening from 8pm to midnight.  It will be at Doggett’s Coat and Badge, a large pub at the southern end of Blackfriars Bridge, London SE1 9UD. Nearest tube Blackfriars. Attendance is £10 for waged people and £5 for unwaged. There are no advance bookings; simply turn up and pay on the day.

Thanks to all the readers who have sent in photos of bi teeshirts, they are going online as an archive of past bi creativity and sloganeering.  From the BCN website homepage click on “Bi Resources” to go to the archive.  If you have something you’ve not yet submitted, and which isn’t already on the archive, please email the details (if possible attaching a photo) to [email protected] – if you remember when and where the teeshirt was from so much the better!

Activists go to Leicester
Rounding off our autumn diary dates, the next Bi Activists conference / away-weekend will be in Leicester on the 18th & 19th November.

It will be held in the local LGBT community centre; for details get in touch with the Bi Activist Network at or write c/o Bi Community News, BM Ribbit, London WC1N 3XX.

Navel Gazing
As most of our readers will be aware, the UK postal service has changed the structure of postal pricing.  To continue mailing BCN in the “C4” envelopes we have used for the last few years would have doubled our postage costs, so we are using smaller envelopes for the forseeable future.  The changes also mean we can cram more in for the same price, so we will have more flexibility in terms of inserts in future (in case you’d wondered why BCN has been 12 pages most issues, it’s because adding one more sheet of paper would until now have taken us up a postage band!)