What Bis Wanted

Back in the days when BiCon was not even called BiCon yet, one of the early Politics Of Bisexuality conferences set out to agree a ‘bi agenda’.  By the end of the weekend there were not one but three different answers proposed.
Following on from the “The Future Of The Bi Community” discussion panel at BiCon 2008, I’ve dug out issue 7 of BCN forerunner Bi Monthly which published all three.

Here is one; for space reasons the other two will appear in the next issue of BCN.  Our letters page editor would no doubt welcome your thoughts – how far have we acheived any or all of the goals we set for ourselves in 1985?

“Manifesto #2”
Bisexuals are people who express emotionally, sensually and / or sexually the desire for or an interest in relatioship with either sex.
We believe in sexual and emotional liberation for all individuals, irrespective of race, creed, age, sex, class on the understanding that this liberation does not emotionally or physically damage others.
We consider that bisexuality challenges the institution of compulsory heterosexuality (which has also created the subcategory of homosexuality) so it is important for bisexuals to be politically active within the gay movement working towards the reconstruction of sexuality without repression.
Our aims are:
1. To enable bisexuals to achieve a positive identity2. To work towards the removal of peoples’ prejudices and fears and to encourage an awareness and acceptance of bisexuality.3. To eliminate all forms of oppression4. To encourage a continuous education which properly represents the range of human sexuality.5. To challenge the negative presentation of sexuality in the media.6. To support other sexual liberation movements.7. To foster links between individuals and bisexual groups nationally and internationally.
As a group of people socialisting, working and loving together and being aware of our own heterosexual society, as bisexuals we are in a unique position to challenge and to work to change the sexism, racism, heterosexualism and class prejudice in ourselves and others and we shall endeavour to give each other the courage and support we need to do this for ourselves, in our groups and in the world.