Our Money: BiCon 2006’s accounts have just been published

Yes, you read that correctly – 2006. Somewhat past the “publish within three months” guideline, but not their fault.

They say: the main cause of our delay has been Glasgow Caledonian University, who really didn’t seem to want our money, and who were slow in issuing an invoice, and even slower in dealing with our queries about the figures on the invoice. Eventually they banked the cheque we had sent them in full and final settlement, so we assume that meant they agreed with our calculations.

They add

– We’re proud of the fact that we almost exactly broke even, taking not a penny too much of your bisexual money.
– Despite having everything agreed in writing with the venue – there’s no guarantee they’ll issue the invoice accurately or quickly (our problem was the conference person we were dealing with was in turn liaising with three   different departments within the university). We eventually saved about   £5000 on their original invoice.
– We allocated a significant amount of the budget to advance publicity,sending a mailshot to just about every LGBT-related place in the UK – even if they didn’t all flock to Glasgow, hopefully this at least improved awareness of BiCon and the fact that there is a bi community.

Surplus received from previous years:
Bicon 2004                £6500.00
Bicon 2005                £2000.00
Total                    £8500.00

Registration and accommodation fees, sale of merchandise
Bank Interest                £    586.08
Helping Hand Fund donations        £    419.00
Unallocated income            £    172.36
TOTAL INCOME                £22340.10

Venue costs:    Bedrooms        £13,653.93
Workshop room hire    £  2,641.40
Security            £    893.00
AV equipment hire    £    440.63
Student union hire    £    235.00
Creche            £    850.00
Entertainment        £    642.00
Paypal Fees        £    478.77
Promotional mailshots flyers etc    £    638.35
Stationery and Postage    £    681.09
T-shirts            £    363.08
Bank Charges            £     70.85
Insurance        £    195.00
Room hire for team meetings    £    175.00
Companies House fees        £      50.00
Travel expenses            £    139.09
Materials and equipment        £    230.58
Miscellaneous expenses        £      88.84
TOTAL EXPENDITURE            £22466.61
Net loss                    -£    126.51
Surplus transferred to BiCon 2008        £  8373.49